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American Pitbull Max

Name: Max
Breed: American pitbull
Age: 7 months old
Sex: male
Color: fawn
Available: yes
Training: House trained

Goes well with kids

Goes well with cats

potty trained


Max Story

pitbull rescue Florida

Max was tossed out the door by his owners because they lived in an apartment and weren’t allowed to have her. A neighbor took him and asked if we could take him in. He is house trained. and working on house training. He did live with children in his first home.

It is really irresponsible of Max parents to have acted like that because there are pitbull shelters everywhere that they could easily have just gave Max to but they decided to trow him out.

nevertheless , Max is here with us and he has been vet checked,up to date on shots and dewormed and is ready to be given a chance to meet a family that deserves him

pitbull rescue Florida

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