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American Pitbull Young

Name: Young
Breed: American Pitbull
Age: 10 weeks old
Sex: Male
Color: Brown
Available: Yes
Training: House trained,goes well with kids and cats


Youngs Story

Pitbull rescues near me :This guy is a riot. He loves everyone and is great with dogs. He is house and crate trained.
If you are interested in adopting, please contact us now to begin the adoption process.

Young is one of the pitbull who werev rescued from a family who died in a car accident.Young was rescued at 4 weeks old now he is 10 weeks old,young is potty trained,up to date on shots,dewormed and is currently vet checked

Young is looking for a loving family to be part of and as you know this is a non profit organization and all you have to pay is a $150 fee which will help us vet check your puppy before he finally joins your family,the fee will also enable the puppy to be shipped to you

If you are looking for a Pitbull rescues near me, then this lovely baby is the perfect match for you and your family to bring the joy that you and your family needs

this baby is in 100% good health condition and before we put up this baby for adoption,we have taken him for vet check, he is up to date on shots, dewormed and ready to meet a new family

He loves to be around kids and also loves cats and other pets, he loves to go for car rides and long road trips with the family

This lovely baby has lived with one of our workers in their home for 4 weeks.This 4 weeks is to enable him become used to kids, animals and everything that comes with a home so that when he finally goes to a new and permanent family he would already know how it feels and how to relate with a family

and yes he has learned everything perfectly and he is expected to be the best addition any. family would bring in at this moment. If you are looking for Pitbull rescues near me , then this baby is the love one you need

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