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American Pitbull Perry

Name: Perry
Breed: American Bulldog
Age: 4 years Adult
Sex: Male
Color:  White & Brown
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Weight: 86 lb
Available: No
Training: House trained

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Perry Story

Pitbull rescue;Perry is such a sweet little guy. He was trapped in the desert with his brother. He was skin and bones and his gums were snow white. We got him in for blood work to find out like so many other dogs in the valley he had Valley Fever. He so deserves a loving home and if someone opens their heart and home to adopt him we will appreciate that.

We have invested in making sure that Perry gets the health care he deserves and yes he is now in a very perfect health condition; that being the top goal of our organisation so now we are looking for the best family that will bring Perry in to show him the love he desrves .

Perry is now 6 months old and has been potty trained and trained to live with kids, other dogs and cats.This is the best pitbull rescue you can come to to get the best Pitbulls and bullies that are family friendly.

Note that Perry is a pure breed American Pitbull and he will come with complete shots and vaccines.He will also be Vet checked 24 hours before going into a new home

It is nice to note that our pitbull rescue does not require you to be a rich person to be able to adopt from us you just need to be a pitbull lover and be able to feed and give the dog proper medication and regular vet checks.Also you have to not be a dog fighter because all dog fighters will get their dogs rescued and given to different families who will bring up the dog in a lovely way and make the dog just part of their family because that is what we have been advocating for all our years of rescueing and rehoming pitbulls and bullies all around USA.


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