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American Pitbull Kim

Name: Kim
Breed: American Pitbull
Age: 1.5 years old
Sex: Female
Color: Brown & white
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Weight: 79 lb
Available: Yes
Training: Crate trained

Category: Product ID: 19307


Adopt pitbull  near me/kim

Copntact us to Adopt Pitbull near me;Emile from our Dog Rescue unit had a call from a lady that was given information about a group of dogs living on a property that housed farm equipment. We were told one girl in particular needed to be saved ASAP.

She was a tripod and pregnant.
From what my understanding is she got it caught in a hay bail and was hanging there for several days when found they then cut her down and just allow the leg to heal off. We agreed to take her and 2 days later she was caught.

adopt pitbull dog today near me
adopt pitbull dog today near me

When she arrived she was very scared and didn’t know how to walk on a leash. House life was a whole new thing to her. On day 2 she slowly started to walk and has never stopped wagging her tail since. We named her Kim.

She is very loving and will sit by you for hours hoping to get a pat and kind words. She has learned everything now and is well trained to meet a new family so she will need a loving patient owner. Kim is house trained crate trained likes kids and never has a bad day.

adopt pitbull dog today near me
adopt pitbull dog today near me


How to adopt  pitbull near me/kim

Contact us today to adopt  pitbull near me.Adopt Kim today to add the joy you need in your family

you can read more about us to know the adoption process which is quite regular,simple for any other dog or puppy on our website.We have made it very easy for any pitbull lover to be able own a pitbull and experience the love no matter their standard


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