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American Pit bull Luna

Name: Luna
Breed: American Pit bull
Color: Brown
Age:  2 years old
Sex: male
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Available: Yes
Category: Product ID: 19299


Pit bull adoption California

Lunas story

pit bull adoption California / needs an experienced active owner. She is too smart for her own good. Luna was given up because her owner got her 5 weeks  and said she couldn’t potty train her so she has been living in the backyard for a year.

pit bull adoption California/adopt a healthy dog today
pit bull adoption California/adopt a healthy dog today

Once we got her, we rescued her we quickly potty trained her and she lived with one of our members for sometime so now she is well trained and is ready to meet a new family

She is up to date on shots, dewormed and vet checked before being put out there for adoption if you are adopting this baby, you should know that she will not be a liability to you because there is nothing more to be done

(she hasn’t had one accident with us) She had no manners at all and just wanted to play and be with you. She has learned very fast now  what is right and wrong. She is great on walks. She needs an active home with no other dogs and older children.

pit bull adoption California/adopt a healthy dog today
pit bull adoption California/adopt a healthy dog today

Pitbull adoption California/How to adopt a pitfall in California/Luna

To adopt Luna,all you have to do is fill an adoption form on our website and provide the required information which is nothing too difficult.You will pay the standard adoption fee of $150 which is not going to be anything more than that. We have made it very easy for every average family to be able to own a pet without spending a fortune

You can also support our activities of rescuing and rehoming pets by Donating on our website.You can donate any amount you love to donate this money will help us to be able to save more babies and give them the second chance that they deserve

Contact us today for pit bull adoption California



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